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Electric Power Assisted Steering Columns

Ultimate Power Steering is a distributor for DC Electronics,
Electronic Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) products
in Australia and New Zealand

DC Electronics

EPAS systems can be used for both competition and road use. They are compact units, requiring only a battery connection to work and have a substantial weight saving advantage over hydraulic systems.

DC Electronics has 20 years’ experience in the motorsport industry and has production facilities in both the UK and North America, ensuring it is at the forefront of innovation and technology on a global scale. Their EPAS systems have been successfully installed on touring cars, rally cars, endurance vehicles and F1 Powerboats. Click Here to visit DC Electronics web site.


What are the benefits and how does the Electric Power Assist Steering work?

How it works

  • The EPAS system is installed into the existing steering column.
  • An electric motor and torque sensor are fitted inside with the steering column.
  • The torque sensor monitors the amount of force applied by the steering wheel.
  • This signal is fed into the EPAS factory ECU where the motor delivers the appropriate amount of assistance to power the steering rack or box.


  • Small compact units, requiring only a battery connection to work.
  • No messy hydraulic connections or systems to bleed.
  • Weight saving advantage over hydraulic systems.
  • Reduced mechanical drag on engine compared to hydraulic engine driven pumps.
  • Built-in fail-safe which allows the system to revert to conventional steering in the unlikely event of a fault occurring.

The below video shows an installation of our EPAS Kit into a Nissan Skyline


If you are considering converting your manual steering system to Electric Power Steering we strongly recommend that you make sure that the kit you purchase has enough torque to successfully drive your current manual steering system.

You will need to test your current manual steering system torque!


This is easily done by using a torque wrench on the steering wheel lock nut, with the vehicle on the ground and stationary, turn the steering wheel using the torque wrench and record the torque required to turn the steering. This test is a good indicator of what torque your have currently in your Manual Steering system and depending on what torque you have this will depend on what kit output will fit best suit your vehicle requirements.

We do have a range of kits with a range of torque outputs please see the list below to see what kit would best suit your conversion.

EPAS 200 – (Microsteer Kit)           32Nm (with Standard ECU installed)

EPAS 500 Kit-1 – 80Nm (with Manual Rotary Adjustment)

EPAS 500 Kit-2 – 80Nm (with Speed Sensitive Adjustment)

EPAS 01 – (Motorsport Assembly)  110Nm (with Ultra ECU installed)

We sell a range of (EPAS) systems that have been developed by DC Electronics.

These systems are available for both Road and Motor Sport applications the range includes.

Micrfosteer Kit (Motor Gearbox Unit) EPAS200
Motorsport Assembly (Motor Gearbox Unit) EPAS01

The Microsteer Kit.

This is a smaller and more compact unit to help with installation were size may be a factor. This motor/gearbox/unit is also designed to go in line with the existing steering column between the steering wheel and the manual steering Rack or Box, being smaller it can be used in tighter installations, where the size of the unit is a factor. The Microsteer kit (Part No EPAS200) comprises the following components –

• Motor/Gearbox (MGU)
• Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
• Tuning Box
• Wiring Harness
• Input and Output Shafts

The unique Microsteer Tuning Box allows you to adjust the amount of assistance by using a rotary potentiometer or, if you prefer, you can make the system speed sensitive by connecting a wheel speed signal to the Tuning Box.
A mode selection switch on the box allows you to choose your preferred method either manual or wheel speed.
The Pro Street system’s comes in two styles, Pro Street MGU and Pro Street Column.


The Motorsport Assembly.

This is the Pro Motorsport Electric Power Steering Kit (Motorsport Assembly & fully programmable ECU)


This Motorsport Assembly (EPAS) system is specifically designed for the demands of the motorsport environment. By reducing the weight and removing the mechanical drag of conventional hydraulic systems, we have been able to increase performance, reduce driver fatigue and consequently cut lap times. This system is a smaller motor and gearbox assembly than the Basic Motorsport kits. This system is designed to motorsport use only.

The kit contains – Motorsport / Gearbox assembly (with inbuilt Torque sensor) 5.2 Kg, Ultra ECU (1.03Kg), 2 x straight couplers (To aid installation) and Wiring Loom.


The Ultra ECU controller, is fully programmable ECU, that simply plug into the Motorsport Assembly EPAS motor and allows the user to adjust the range of steering effort to and allows a wider and finer range of adjustment to the basic systems. The Ultra ECU has been designed to handle transient currents of up to 100 amps. Connection is via 2 Autosport connectors. The ECU has the same functionality of the EPAS Lite ECU, but with the following additional features:

• CAN 2.06 interface.
• 4 x Digital outputs.
• 2 x Speed inputs.
• 2 x Digital inputs.
• 3 x Analogue inputs.
• Internal heat-sink temperature monitoring.
• Ability to create your own steering map when optional software is used.
• Internal temperature and peak current tell tales.

The CAN Bus can be used to control the power levels or input ground speed to make the unit speed sensitive. Information on the systems settings and performance is also available on the CAN Bus Interface.



All these System can be purchased on our Online Store(click here)



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Distributor Australia & New Zealand For Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) Kits for Motor Sport Applications.