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Please note the information we have supplied is intended to assist you in resolving some of the more common steering problems that can develop in power and manual steering systems. We suggest that you refer to your Motor Mechanic, before performing any maintenance or repair to the steering system.

Ultimate Power Steering recommend’s that your steering system is inspected by your mechanic at each service, this preventive maintenance will insure that the system functions correctly for as long as possible and this can save you money in the long run.

Power Steering and Manual Steering systems are designed extremely well by each manufacturer, but with compact designs and the under bonnet temperatures are getting higher and higher this can cause some problems.

The pages below are some of the issues that we have found that may help with your vehicle.

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Navara D40 Series (9/05 - On)

One of the most common issues with the Power Steering Rack in this range of Nissan vehicles is a build-up of rust on the main rack shaft, inside the rack boots.

This rust on the main shaft can significantly reduce the life of the Power Steering Rack. The build-up of rust on the shaft damages the main rack shaft seals. This will make the steering rack prematurely leak power steering fluid.


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