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Ford Falcon AU

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Hew high pressure hoses Made in USA for Ford Falcon AU
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Power Steering - High Pressure Hose Leaking?

A common issue with the Ford Falcon AU 6 Cylinder (9/98 – 9/02) is an oil leak out of the Power Steering high pressure line at the Power Steering Pump. This is due to a warn O-ring on the inside of the nut on the end of the hose.


Oil leaking between the steel line and the nut on the end of the high pressure hose at the pump.


When the engine moves under normal operation the movement wears the O-ring inside the nut.

This oil leak if left unattended can damage the Power Steering Pump and damage the alternator, both are expensive to replace so the best thing to do is fix the oil leak.

The original O-ring inside the original nut cannot be replaced without cutting the nut off the hose end, this can be done but it is very difficult and if the steel line is damaged the nut will not seal correctly or it will not stay on the end of the hose.


Ultimate Power Steering Stock an aftermarket hose made in USA that has been redesigned at the Pump end, the new design fitting allows for easy replacement of the end O-ring and will eliminate the possibility of the oil leak at the Pump fitting.

We Stock redesigned hose’s available for the Ford Falcon 6 Cylinder’s EF, EL, AU, BA & BF applications.

The video below shows how to find a leak and then how to replace a high pressure power steering hose on an EF or EL Ford Falcon.

Photo below shows fitting new hose to remanufactured pump.


Photo below shows tightening new hose to remanufactured pump


Photo below shows new hose installed to car


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