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Technical - Boxes

As the steering box is out of sight and out of mind it is generally not looked at until it has major issues. Issues like free-play due to worn internal parts due to misuse, excessive use or lack of maintenance on the vehicle. In the cases of worn internal parts the only way to rectify this is to replace the hard parts i.e. the main worm shaft and the sector shaft, this is very costly, so to help save your money we recommend that your steering system is inspected by your mechanic at each service.


Bleeding the system.

Most power steering box systems are self bleeding but if air is trapped inside the power steering box the steering assist will feel a bit vague. This will generally only be in one direction and is more apparent when the steering wheel is turned quickly. This is due to the air trapped inside the steering box compressing, this air will give the feel of vague steering assist.


Some power steering boxes have a bleed nipple on the top of the box to bleed out any air that can be trapped internally. If you vehicle is showing symptoms of vague steering assist and it has a bleed nipple on top of the box it should be bled to extract any air, this will improve the feel of the steering. We recommend that your power steering box be bleed by your mechanic when required.

Over the steering boxes life it needs to be adjusted to maintain the correct function and to eliminate free-play in the steering box. If this isn't maintained it is possible for the internal parts of the steering box to wear and will require replacement

Rust is one of the largest issues faced with power steering boxes, this is even more apparent if the vehicle is used in extremely salty environments like the beach. Over time the sector and worm shafts rusts. Once the rust has damaged the shaft, the shaft seals cannot retain the fluid and the steering box will leak. In most cases this can be prevented by regular cleaning of the steering box shafts and spraying some rust inhibiter like CRC to lubricate the shafts to prevent any rust from forming.


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