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Manual Steering Boxes

The manual steering boxes like the power steering box are used by vehicle manufactures when space is a consideration. The steering box is compact but it also needs to be used in conjunction with other steering linkages.

How does it work?

The steering wheel input shaft is attached to the vehicles steering wheel via linkages, the steering box converts the steering wheel rotation into lateral movement via these linkages that then moves the road wheels to steer the vehicle. This system is more compact and it requires extra steering linkages that can make this system more complicated but it is still very popular with most manufactures today. 


As the main input shaft (sometimes referred to as a worm shaft) rotates a nut moves back and forth along the shaft, this nut is linked to an out-put shaft (sometimes referred to as a sector shaft). This sector shaft is then linked to the linkage that then moves the road wheels to steer the vehicle.


Common Problems

The most common problems with most manual steering boxes are wear and tear on the unit. As the steering box is out of sight and out of mind the manual steering box is generally not looked at until it has major issues. Issues like free-play due to worn worm shaft or worn sector shaft bush or free-play in the sector shaft teeth due to misuse, excessive use or lack of maintenance on the vehicle.

To fix these issues the steering system need to be checked on regular intervals. Ultimate Power Steering recommend's that the steering system is inspected by your mechanic at each service, this preventive maintenance will insure that the system functions correctly for as long as possible and this will save you money in the long run.


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