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Renault - Master Van

Renault - MasterVan (9/04 - On)

Loss of Power Steering


As this vehicle gets older and the vehicles have higher kilometers we have found that the drive pulley on the engine called the harmonic balance (the engines crank shaft front pulley) can loose the drive from the engine’s crank shaft. This is due to the rubber center of the pulley de-laminating and slipping.

Engine Bay Photo - Renault Master Van


Checking the engine compartment and the Power Steering System, the Fluid is in good condition and the drive belt to the Power Steering Pump is tight but when the engine is running and the steering wheel is turned, the pump stops turning.

renault-master-van-engine-crank-pulley-ultimate-power-steering.jpgThe result of this is that the drive to the Power Steering Pump via the drive belt is intermittent, and this allows the Power Steering Pump to stall. This stalling pump will not give the Power Steering system assist and the steering will be extremely heavy.

To fix this issue the harmonic balance (the engines crank shaft front pulley) must be replaced and the system checked for corect function.


If the symptoms persists Ultimate Power Steering recommend’s that the power steering system is inspected by your mechanic or arrange for us to inspect it, to see if there is any other problems that could be the causing the issue.

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